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Monday, November 1, 2010

walking rings...the big debate

Every mother has their own opinion about walking rings and its a huge debate at the moment.Here are the advantages and disadvantages to having one.

  • you can get things done
  • baby enjoys free mobility
  • you dont have to entertain baby while you clean house

  • it makes baby lazy in the legs as they dont use the correct muscles as they do for walking
  • its dangerous around stairs,and pools where children can walk and fall into
  • its been proven that children start to walk and crawl later than they usually would have
and causes development problems in learning

every one has their own opinion, whether it be good or bad, its your decision in the end.some people say these disadvantages only come into play if you leave baby all day in the walking ring,others say if you put them in it at all,everyone to their own :) i personally dont believe in it but you are more than welcome to leave your opinions in comment box :)

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

toys deciding careers...just a good laugh

My Husband pointed something very interesting out to me the other day as we were going through the
Toys R Us Catalogue looking at what christmas toys we should buy our 11 week old. Right at the
back of the book there was a page for girls and on this page -pretty in pink if i may add- were four different
types of "career toys"...it had the following on:
1)a kiddies ironing board and iron,a pink plastic dishwasher with little tea cups ,saucers and plastic cups and bowls,and a kiddies pretend vacuum.

2) There was also a "vanity table" almost something like a dressing table...but for kids
3) kitchen play set with a little stove saucepan ,utensils and frying pan
4)A pretend doctor kit
5)doll playset
6)plastic high heels a shimmery dress and light make up

Dont you think its funny how whatever your child chooses is likely what the child will become one day?
be it a housewife, doctor, party girl, or child sitter.interesting isnt it...and what about if you had to choose the gift...you would most likely choose something you think you would have liked as a child or still think is cute and like it right? it most likely would be in the field of your work...i.e.a doctor then you buy the doctor kit? would your child not take the path and follow in your footsteps...

heres what they have for boys:
1)Tool case(electrician/engineer)
2)spy gear (FBI)

3)computers/kiddie laptops and games (gamer/IT)

5)small electronic motorbike(racer)

6)doctor set(DR)
7)cleaning set(cleaner)

                                                                      *     *      *

you would swear that toy factories are deciding your childs future for you

note: this was just for a laugh dont take to heart, every child decides their own future and it neednt be based on toys they play with...:)

                                                           *                *                 *

The baby manual

Remember when you were pregnant with your first child...and you went to hospital and gave birth to that sweet little innocent cute and cuddly and lovable baby...The soft skin..closed eyes...little hands and fingers...feet and toes... little cries that captured your heart... the good little baby in the hospital!....then you arrived home...everything changed...that little baby didnt sleep anymore...the little 'angel' cried all day and night...no more peaceful sleeps...and above all you did not know what the cries were ....thats when you shouted "DOESNT THIS BABY COME WITH A MANUAL!... here some silent tips and laghs for the official baby manual ^_^

I have a 6 week old son myself and here are some things ive learned...ive added some of my experience too for the laugh hehehe

1) In the hospital its still "honeymoon" when babies are sweet and innocent  and cute... wen you get home the honeymoon is over and hard work begins..it does...dont be in denial.

2)These little angel make you out to be the biggest liar on the planet...when you are alone they scream blue murder...when visitors arrive they are all of a sudden sleepy and quiet...when you moan about how little sleep you are getting and how he cries all the time they laugh at you....watchout these babies are pro's.

3) Dont let the cries scare you , if they can cry nice and loud they are healthy. Getting their voices ready for the choir!

4)Boy Oh Boy! You are not a parent of a little boy till you open that nappy and he pees on you... enjoy it while it lasts...its going to  happen...just laugh..I remember the one time i changed little ones nappy and i could see he wanted to pee as his peepee was standing erect(then you know :D) so i closed the top of the nappy and waited and he did his thing...what i hadnt known is how big their bladder is and just as i took nappy off i received a face shot loud and clear

5) Ok this one all parents should be aware of....projectile poop!...yes that stuff flies and stains! as  i said laugh it off and wash whatever needs to be washed ...dont get angry ...in fact i remember once when i was changing my sons nappy and hubby was sitting on bed behind me and the poop flew past me and all over hubbys leg...he was not impressed but we both landed up on the floor in fits of laughter

6)All of the first days poops after birth is tar black ... no odour at all just black. Dont get a fright it goes away after 3 days but it does feel like mud tho rather let the nurse change  baby for that time :) ...Oh how do i know what it felt like? lmao! well i was still in hospital and  nurse brought him to me for a feed,afterwards my hubby and i realised how dirty his nappy was so we decided to change it...needless to mention when we took nappy off and cleaned him, he decided to have another poo as i had him against my chest, so i had to catch it all otherwise it would have landed n the white sheets(and we didnt want the nurses to know we couldnt even change a nappy lol so off hubby and i go with hands full of poo to bathroom

.7)If you get home and baby is crying it can be one of a few things:Food, nappy, wet clothes,over stimulation,cold,warm,not enough attention and tired. You cant go wrong...its one of those.If you fed your baby and still crying find out if milk is strong enough. always check babys clothes arent wet as it will make baba cold and sick. Overheating make babies sweat and get irritable.a wet/poo nappy is never comfy-can you imagine having poo or a wet nappy against your bottom-really uncomfy.give lots of attention and love but also not too much, too many people around can overstimulate. your baby picks up on your depression which makes baby upset and that makes you more upset ...whole vicious cycle,so relax and hand baby over to someone else for 10 min so you can regenerate.Eat enough,remember you are eating for you and baby if breastfeeding.and last but not least babies fight sleep when they tired, rock,sing anything you can do get baba to sleep

8)Whoever said "slept like a baby" deserves one whack from every mother who knows babys DONT sleep,they nap. Most babies wont sleep through till 2- 3months old so dont expect it and dont-not wake them for feeds because they sleeping, they need to eat as their blood sugar drops otherwise. Dont let them go longer than 4 hours without a feed :)

Hope you all had abit of a laugh and got sum advise...i got moreif you need it....loads...just inbox me :)

oh btw i learned alot so far from my little one but ive been very lucky so far:
im very proud of our son,he could smile since birth(one in thirty babies can), he could lift his head and sleep right through from two weeks old. :D

Monday, October 4, 2010

The map to a womans heart through CRAZY translation of the woman

I thought i should write this blog for all men who are struggling with women and just for a good laugh

1) If  you ask your lady if you can go out  and you get a response like this "Its ok" , " It's fine" , "Yaaaa, you can go"*(after a long pause of thinking) , then i advise you to stay put , smile, tell your wife/girlfriend you would rather spend that time with her and give her a kiss otherwise she will take a nutcracker and twist your balls off. All of the above responses technically translates in to " ya sure, you go and see what happens when you get back" or " ya you can go and i'll probably land up in tears when you gone but then we will see what happens" or even " if you take one step out that door i will have a BF(bitch fit)!" So guys just either ask her to join or sspend the night with her, its alot easier on you and your precious bag down there.

2) If you and your lover get in an argument or disagreement, the lady usually becomes stubborn and decides that ignoring her spouse will make him say sorry...all you need to do to make a quick make up is...(no ,not sex - perhaps later, but right then the dragon will come out of her if you even try it as she will turn around and say that all you think about is your love item down there), no...what you do is cup her face in your hand, squeeze her cheeks forward(not her ass chicks you perve ^_^)and go " moody...moody...moody,lookie at missie grumps" , she will immediately start smiling and if she doesnt , then tickle her till she does and if that doesnt work ..you're on your own buddy :)

3) Women are the queen of stubborn...BUT... men are worse...women cant hold their stubborness, they love their partners too much and hate conflict(well atleast most of us) men on the other hand,are the kings as they can hold their stubbornness - so if a women leaves the room and says she is going for a walk, or going out after a heated argument then DONT run after her - yes she needs her time to cool off...and it wont be long... she expects you to run after her and kiss her and hold her and forget about all you are doing and ONLY give attention to her and although that would be nice, you need your time too. Let her storm off or ride away...SHE WILL BE BACK and even if you carry on with what you are doing, she will come back give you a kiss tell you she loves you and do her own thing...on the other hand you get those women who come back and shout "WHAT THE F*** DO YOU THINK YOU ARE DOING?! WHY DID YOU NOT RUN AFTER ME?WHAT IF I GOT HURT OR KILLED?"you simply smile and say "i did not tell you to walk out the door...it hurt my feelings"watch how quickly her heart melts

4)finally one last hint....if you are trying to work on a womans tits... do everything she hates you doing...whether it be pick your nose, mess in the kitchen, dirty the floor, cut your nails in the living room, leave things lying around,or put grease on anything in the house...BUT...everything you do comes with consequences so expect the following:

 1) the dog box for the month. 2) No sex till she is ready and she will probably start a blowjob and not end it just for pure torture.3) ignoring you for as long as possible - the silent game,4) locking herself or you in the bedroom till she has adequate punishment ...so beware women are crazy ,yet intelligent beings and will twist your balls till you scream on innocence